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1. Fit Formula.I can’t believe I’ve been going to Fit Formula for this long and haven’t posted about it. I finally found a fitness place in Kansas City that I love! Unfortunately after a lot (and I mean a lot..) of trial and error. While I was shopping at Lululemon (who, me?) I was venting to the girls about how I need a great yoga place in KC that’s not a 30 minute drive, decent time slots, clean, friendly people, and preferably does hot/warm Vinyasa classes. Enter: Fit Formula. So my standards were high, yes. Maybe it was my way of making an excuse to not work out for 6 months.. meh. To be fair, my expectations were set from my previous beloved, Power Life Yoga. I may have called and emailed begging for a Kansas City location, but that’s neither here or there. Back to my new home, Fit Formula. I started out with the Vinyasa classes after work and Sunday afternoon (which btw, is donation only!) and I loved them, but my work schedule can get wild and before I knew it I would go a whole week without making it there. However, in the last month I recently started going to the 5:45 AM body amp classes (the name, in fact, is very telling of the class). If you know me at all, than you know this.is.huge. Actually, huge doesn’t even begin to describe the mountain I climbed. I, Jordan Bussanmas, get out of bed at 5:22 AM (give myself approx. 7 minutes to get to the car) to do physical activity. AND I’ve been doing it again, and again, and again, and now I’m sitting here, legs throbbing, while I type this extremely long thank you note to Sharon (Thank you!!). If you’re in the KCMO area and itching for a butt kicking (see what I did there..), go to Fit Formula. Probably my best kept secret in KC. Maybe a tie with Season and Square… see amazing store description below.

2. Printable Ampersand Art. Ok I’ll keep this one short. After creating my new office artwork (will I ever actually purchase artwork?), I thought, why not share the love! Here it is folks, click here and the print will open in a new tab. The print is 8.5 x 11.

3. Season and Square. Wanna be greeted with a glass of wine and good conversation while you walk around and shop local goods, awesome water bottles, cookbooks, cocktail mixers, homemade seasoning, (I could go on…)? Make your way to season and square. When I say I could spend a whole Saturday here, I’m not being dramatic.

4. Peachy Sheep. This series is for awesome things I find right? Well, here’s another! Etsy shop, Peachy Sheep. Amazing wool infinity scarves. I can vouch for the quality myself, I wear mine all the time. The only problem is I can’t decide which color I want next (that was cheesy, but true). Get yourself one or gift one to someone else for the Holidays (or both..).

5. Vinyasa to Vino. Lululemon is hosting an awesome, fun event at the store in Leawood! One that they so kindly asked me to help out with. Vinyasa to Vino! Learn how to outfit that vinyasa scarf in your closet, or maybe, buy your first one! We’ll be sipping and shopping Thursday night at 6 pm. Join us!


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