Going West

Suprise! The Bee got a little makeover. I’ve been waiting for the right time to redefine my little space of the internet, and now seems like the perfect time. A lot of you know that Nick and I have had a long-term goal of moving somewhere new. We love Kansas City, and the mid-west as a whole, but we’ve both had a desire to take advantage of this time in our life and move to a new city. So…We’re moving to Portland!(double surprise!). We LOVE Portland and are so happy that we will be calling it home soon. Our current plan is move this March, which is coming up quite quickly! We are headed to Portland this weekend to apartment hunt and further familiarize ourselves with the city. I’m keeping this post short and sweet, but I promise to share more as the time gets closer. If you don’t already, follow us along via Instagram. We’re so excited for this new adventure!

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Europe Travel 2016

Well it’s about time right? I’ve been putting off this lengthy post for quite some time. There’s just SO much to share on our trip after our wedding. Once we had officially chosen San Sebastian for our wedding, I was mildly obsessed with finding our next destinations. We went through every possible combination. I wanted the traveling to be as seamless as possible. I read through every blog, article, tour, guide, etc. I’m serious. I have a wealth of knowledge for you. Here are some destinations that were on our list: Cinque Terra, Amsterdam, Dublin, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Switzerland, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Barcelona, Sicily, Prague, Iceland, Ischia, Capri….you get the picture. We had some serious narrowing down to do. First thing, what kind of things do we want to do? We decided we wanted a little beach and a little bit of city. Second question, which ones are easiest to get to from San Sebastian? Which cities are easy to fly home from? We eventually landed on Amsterdam to be our final city because it was easiest to fly home from. Now we have a start city (San Sebastian) and an end city (Amsterdam) which allowed us to book our big flight. We didn’t know where we would be for the two weeks in-between but we had time to figure it out.

Since we knew we had “city” time in San Sebastian and Amsterdam, we needed a little beach in our life. We narrowed our country down to Italy and then became the intense decision between Cinque Terra and Amalfi Coast. Google that scenario and let me know how many articles you find on people with the same conundrum. We went with Amalfi. Why? Because the fights worked better with our timeline. We could get an earlier flight into Naples (airport for Amalfi Coast) from San Sebastian. This ultimately decided it for us. Cinque Terra, we will come for you…soon-ish. After we settled on the Amalfi Coast, we wanted one other nearby city to explore. A family friend recommended Ischia, it was absolutely perfect. Sorry, Capri.

First City: San Sebastian

We took our initial flight from US to Europe on AerLingus. It went well, it was our first international flight but it was easy. Our legs were Kansas City – Chicago – Dublin – Bilbao – car from Bilbao to San Sebastian. It was cheaper for us to fly in to Bilbao and rent a car to San Sebastian. I’ve spoken about our time in San Sebastian, along with our fancy professional photos, but here are some snapshots of our time with our family!

IMG_4345 IMG_4552

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Weekday Roundup


Sweater / Jeans / Booties

Sweater / Jeans / Booties

Sweater / Jeans / Booties

Shirt / Jeans (MOTHER, Similar) / Booties

Dress / Scarf (Old, Similar) / Socks / Booties

Another roundup of my weekday wardrobe. I’m loving sweater season! Tobi has great cozy sweaters right now that I’ve been living in. This one is so comfy and works with jeans or leggings. This Friday dress is a great transition piece from day to night for a holiday party. I’m also still living in my blondo booties, of course. Hope you all are staying warm!

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