Camo + Stripes


CAMO-AND-STRIPE GAP TEE & Michael Kors Vanilla Hamilton

Camo/Stripe Tee, Gap, Sold out but still in stores!  ·  Stretch Denim, J.Crew  ·  Necklace, Purple Perido  ·  Watch, Michael Kors  ·  Handbag, Michael Kors

While browsing through Gap I came across this gem. I snatched it up like I just found gold. There was multiple left but that didn’t stop me from looking over my shoulder to make sure there weren’t any nearby eyes on it. Such a great price too, might be one of my best purchases this season. I love clothes that do all the work for me for those lazy days. Oh, the patterns already mixed for me? Great! I’ll just throw on this necklace and add some neutral accents. DONE!

I’ve been selling some clothes on Poshmark to go towards new clothes/handbags/things I don’t need, which is how I afforded this amazing new bag! I’ve been searching for the perfect white bag for summer… check!

I apologize for the terrible photo, you get the point though right?

So excited to attend Go Blog Social this weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Camo + Stripes

  1. Hi Jordan! it was so nice to meet you at GBS! love your blog and so fun to meet another KC blogger, i love connecting with all the wonderful ladies in the blogging community here! I’d love for you to come to the home goods event i’m hosting, just head over to my blog to rsvp, hopefully i’ll see you there! :)

  2. Hey Angela! Great meeting you at GBS! Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town that weekend. I checked right before I emailed you. What a bummer. I’ll catch you at the next event!

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