DIY Upholstered Ottoman

Today we’ve got a small but mighty accomplishment, a DIY ottoman. The story begins with my decision to move out of my first apartment in Kansas City. During my first 6 months in Kansas City I learned a new meaning of bad landlord. After finalizing the moving plans, I decided I wanted to take nothing with me. No furniture (and it didn’t matter if my savings account took the hit for it). I wanted new in the worst way. First thing was first, I needed a sofa. I wanted mid-century-esque without being too over the top. Something I could keep for a long time but not too expensive. After much research I went with this sofa.  I LOVE it. The color is perfect, its comfy, and it didn’t break the bank.

Do it yourself upholstered ottoman

From the start I wanted an ottoman, no coffee table. I dreamt of a big ottoman, maybe with a print or tufted? Well these ottomans come with quite the price tag. I didn’t want to rush into buying one but I obviously needed something. At the time, I had a chair with a matching ottoman  and my mom (thrifty woman!) said why don’t you just cover this one! It was genius.

It was supposed to be a simple project (as they all are). What it turned into was quite the experience.

Day 1: Nick and I went to JoAnn’s (with no prior experience). We browsed and eventually found the fabric that would suit us and then we waited…and waited…and waited in line for the better part of our Saturday (dem women are serious about their fabric). Finally! I got the fabric! The plan was in motion. Below is a “before” picture. So sad.

Do it yourself upholstered ottoman

There she is in all her olive glory.

Day 2: My initial plan was to just cover the whole thing, ignore the piping, etc. Well, then I thought, upholster it in two parts: the top, and then the bottom. THEN.. I ran out of fabric to do both and JoAnn’s was not an option. I wasn’t in love with the way it was going anyways…




Day 3 (the following weekend): My previous post mentioned these awesome legs I found at a local Ace Hardware. They inspired my next move. Screw the bottom half, I’ll work with the top. Which was basically foam. Luckily, I had my mom in town that weekend to help. We went to get a sheet of wood and glue to give us a hard surface to work with. We glued the wood to the foam and started stapling the fabric. The corners were the hardest but after watching quite a few tutorials I went with the best option I could find. I also stained the legs to match my sofa legs.




Then I got these handy dandy angled top plates to screw the legs in to. We drilled the plates into the wood and after the legs were dry I screwed them in. We cut the the access fabric around the legs and stood her up…


Drumroll please….



Do it yourself upholstered ottoman


I’m thrilled with how it turned out, it’s a great temporary solution for me! Now, just to fill our bare walls.

All for now!


Bookcase Makeover


So my previous post gave a sneak peak into a bookcase I got while thrifting! Excited to say while Nick was here we gave it a little fixer-upper.





We got thirsty…





Little Details… I love the scallops :)



Finally feeling like my place is coming together! For some weird reason I keep getting the urge to rearrange my entire apartment though. And then I realize I can’t do it on my own and calm down. Hopefully the new addition to my nook will solve this problem.

All for now!