A Few Things…



1. Banana Bread Granola
My whole place smelled like banana bread. It’s like eating banana bread without the guilt (or as much guilt?) depends if your anything like me and eat the whole batch in one sitting. I cut it in half ok?

2. Cookie Butter
I’m shocked at the amount of people who still don’t know about this. Trader Joes created this masterpiece. I don’t remember who told me about it but I hate you. If you (in any way) like the little Biscoff cookies Delta Airlines gives out, don’t ever buy this. I’m saving you. I’m saving you from the long life you have ahead of being terrified to go down the dreaded cookie butter isle in Trader Joes. It’s THAT good. It’s pureed cookie. It goes on anything…. including just a spoon.

3. Poppy and Olives
Poppy and Olives is a vintage rental shop. Whether its your wedding, grad-party, photoshoot, anything! They have the most adorable accessories and furniture to set it apart. I’m kind of obsessed :)

4. Standing Height Desk
I’m loving this (fairly) simple tutorial on how to build your own standing height desk! I love standing while I work and since I cant do it at work I think this is great for home!

5. Pointed Toe Trend
This is vague but I’ve been going shoe crazy. I had to share some of my favorites for spring. The D’Orsay trend is in full swing and these are my personal faves: This striped pair, this leopard pair, and this coral pair. Some of my other favorite pointy flats are this pair and this pair.  And last but not least, heels. I go for a lower heel because I’m more of a comfort gal. These and these are currently in my cart. Someone stop me. 

All for now,


A Few Things…


Do you just want to shout things out sometimes?? Like “THIS IS AWESOME. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS.” I realized this happens to me quite frequently (maybe that’s why I have this damn blog in the first place?) not sure. Anyways, my “a few things…” posts will be about things I simply come across that I think everyone should know about! And by everyone I mean only the people who stumble across this blog. Now, I’m not saying everything I post will be mind-boggling thrilling..but kind of..depending on personal interests of course.

Here we go.

1. Black Bean Brownies. (What!?) I KNOW. But they are fantastic. It’s true.

Find the best recipe for it here. I can’t wait to try so many other recipes from this blog. An entire blog devoted to quick meals and less mess? That is all you can ask for in life.

2. Mid-Century Table Legs. Have you been itching to reupholster / makeover your ottoman?? Yeah me either… but I’m doing it anyways. Stay tuned for a post on this disaster masterpiece. After hours of searching online I found that these legs are at the local hardware store! Craziness! If your local ACE Hardware doesn’t have them they can always order them. Mine only had 3, of course. So now I have a half upholstered ottoman sitting in my living room.

3. Chipotle-Inspired Burrito Bowl. My new found love for Chipotle is really taking a tole on my bank account… and probably my health. This burrito bowl is delicious! I made it twice in 4 days. Try it now.

4. Swinging Chair. If you’ve talked to me at all in the past 3 months you know how badly I want a swinging chair in the new apartment! I found this one and its absolutely perfect. Now to just convince Nick and myself drilling into the ceiling is totally the same as the wall! #apartmentlife

5. Bar Carts. If you haven’t jumped on this trend you either haven’t picked up a magazine in the last 6 months or don’t drink. This one finally found a home in my apartment and I’m ecstatic about it. I also had my eye on this guy.


Hope you enjoyed these ramblings.

All for now,



A Delicious Curveball





This week is what I like to call a post-veishea cleanse. I haven’t been able to take any pics lately but as I was making dinner I thought I could do a delicious food post. I never really thought I’d post anything about food but here it goes!

This recipe pretty much has all my favorite foods rolled into one meal.

Diced tomato

Diced avocado

Sliced cucumber


Lime juice


So it kind of turned into more of a salad last night but I put the mixture without quinoa onto crackers for a snack all the time. It’s a great combo for anything!

All for now!