At Home | The Kitchen

When Nick and I started our apartment search a couple years ago, we liked two different apartment layouts in our building. The kitchens were both huge which I LOVED. The one we chose had what I call a ‘nook’, which is basically a ‘U’ shape enclave adjacent from the kitchen. The other layout had a built in desk and was a little bigger. I loved the nook, I knew it was intended for a small round dining table but I had other plans. Those plans were a hammock chair. After a few too many umbrella drinks in Key West,  I decided to go for it and purchase one. I was so excited. After returning, hammock in hand, we tried to hang it. Long story short, the building structure wasn’t what we anticipated and there was no way to hang the hammock securely. Now the hammock sits in our spare closet. Know anyone with a need for a hammock chair?

After our third failed attempt at drilling into the ceiling, I shifted my expectations and moved on to other things.. like bar carts, record players, and shoe storage. The result looks great and is also practical for us.

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