Going West

Suprise! The Bee got a little makeover. I’ve been waiting for the right time to redefine my little space of the internet, and now seems like the perfect time. A lot of you know that Nick and I have had a long-term goal of moving somewhere new. We love Kansas City, and the mid-west as a whole, but we’ve both had a desire to take advantage of this time in our life and move to a new city. So…We’re moving to Portland!(double surprise!). We LOVE Portland and are so happy that we will be calling it home soon. Our current plan is move this March, which is coming up quite quickly! We are headed to Portland this weekend to apartment hunt and further familiarize ourselves with the city. I’m keeping this post short and sweet, but I promise to share more as the time gets closer. If you don’t already, follow us along via Instagram. We’re so excited for this new adventure!

All for now,

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