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So, if you haven’t been keeping up with my Instagram, Twitter, etc. I’ve been pretty busy! Below are a few snapshots of my fun.

Nick came to KC! I checked off a couple things I’ve been wanting to do while he was here. Boulevard brew tour and a KC Sporting game. Nick also got to experience the Jones Pool and Power and Light. This basically makes it sounds like all we did was drink. We ate too….





Then came the Beyonce concert in St. Paul with my best friends. Amazing, amazing concert. No, seriously this should be on everyone’s list. Girl can put on a show. <insert dancing emoji here>.


The weekend following that I hung out in KC. Did some crafting with Melissa (we’ve been obsessed with refurbishing furniture). Finally did it! Fuchsia table anyone? I also made these little numbers! Pretty simple but its taken me 2 months to actually do it. Nothin like a craft day. Now to just figure out where to hang them…



I also went to a Templeton Rye promotional event. Molly and I won the horseshoe tournament! (Did I fool anyone with that?) No, we didn’t. It was still fun though.


This past weekend my Mom, Kelsey, and Kerri came to town and we went to First Fridays (weekends) in the West Bottoms. This entailed a lot of antiquing, followed by a glass of wine, followed by more thrifting, followed by food..and wine.. you can imagine where this is going. But we did have a GREAT meal at The Westside Local, I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone and everyone!

IMG_2398 IMG_2373

Now, sneak peek of my next post. Witness me  attempt to transform this bookshelf I scored this weekend!


I’m kind of over the summer wardrobe (really over), excited for some fall lines to come out so I can buy clothes I don’t need and share them with you! Yay!

Denim Vest, Urban Outfitters   ·  Orange Tank, Joie  ·  Striped Scarf, Gap  ·  Grey Maxi Dress-Beyonce Pic (old), Velvet  ·  Navy Maxi Dress-Restaurant Pic, Athleta ·   Olive Cargo Pants, J.Crew

Holy crap that was a long post.

All for now,


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  1. Hi, what is the floating cabinet under the TV in your pictures? The link just takes you to the generic Ikea website. It looks nice, thanks.

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