La Concha Beach

Ahhh, La Concha Beach…take me back. We wanted to get some casual photos aside from our wedding day and Imanol (our amazing photographer) thought this would be the perfect spot. He obviously knew what he was talking about. I love these photos, they capture our family dynamic so well. In Imanol’s words…

We don’t discover anything new if we say that Donostia is a destiny chosen by many Americans to spend part of their holidays in Europe. In this case, a walk along La Concha (San Sebastian) beach is essential. This was the perfect excuse to do a prewedding session with Jordan, Nick and their family the day before the wedding. But, in order to avoid repeating patterns, they forgot about usual posed engagement sessions and suggested us to do a documentary approach that suited perfectly with our photography style in KissBill. So, without fears of getting wet or full of sand, we followed this gang along the shore, while the American middle west charm appeared little by little.