Palm Print

Palm Print & Banana Leaf

Palm Print & Banana Leaf

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Is anyone else loving this trend as much as me? What screams summer more than banana leaves plastered over you? Kidding aside, I’m in to the palm print. Here are my favs :)

Sidenote: Half of these things are sold out now! I apologize for the let down. Searching for these terms: Banana leaf, Palm Print, Tropical Print, etc. will lead you to even more!

Stay tuned for some 4th of  July outfit inspiration!

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Jumpsuits + Rompers Lowdown

Best 2014 Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits Best 2014 Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

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It’s that time of year again, where you can grab one hanger out of your closet and be ready to walk out the door. That’s how I view rompers and jumpsuits – zero effort involved. I present you with my favorite 8 rompers/jumpsuits of the season. Did I miss any of your favorites? I’m always on the hunt. I LOVE them.

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! I sure did, if you follow my Instagram you know we made the trip to Ikea! The furniture is assembled and in place (in record time I must say …don’t be fooled, it was all Nick).  Can’t wait to get a hold of some PANYL to really jazz it all up. Stay tuned :)

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Floor Length Cardigan

Hey guys, happy Friday! Sarah from One Sparrow Creative is featuring me on her Friday style files today! Click here to read the entire feature. In the matter of an hour she made me want to go out and buy a fancy camera that I would have no idea what to do with. She is so very talented, and we’re practically neighbors! I can’t wait to hang out and work together again.

If you would have asked how I feel about floor length cardigans a few weeks ago..I would have been indifferent. I struggled on putting multiple outfits together with them. Now, I love them. I wouldn’t mind having multiple of them but I’ll hold off for now. They are so cozy and comfortable! Cant wait to wear it with shorts. On to another gem in my life, this hat. Amazing. I love it and plan on wearing it daily for as long as people will let me. Boyfriend jeans are becoming a twice-a-week appearance. Is there such a thing as casual Mondays? There should be.

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