La Boda [Part One]

The weeks and days leading up to our wedding trip, we were feeling pretty great. We had some nervousness for the travel itself, but the wedding seemed almost effortless. I was so thrilled it was finally here. Just vacation with our family, right? Luckily we won’t feel too judged if something completely unravels. Upon our arrival in Spain, we met our gracious hosts at the villa. They spoke pretty much zero english, but were so nice. We were handed a piece of paper that had the house address, taxi phone number, and wifi password. All we need right? We were like kids running around this place checking out all the rooms, the views, everything. To give you a glimpse, this was our house.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.44.15 PM

On Sunday after most our family arrived, we started walking around the villa. Should we do the ceremony here? How about here? Whats a photo look like here? Can we remove this large glowing lamp? No? That’s ok. We eventually landed on a spot and got back to drinking cava.

The next day we went into town to meet the florist (pretty happy we didn’t end up taking this task on ourselves). We walked around her shop and little by little start grabbing flowers for the bouquet, crown, etc. Right in front of us the flowers were chosen, took all of 30 minutes. So insanely talented…them, not me…I just nodded and smiled…Peonies?

Later that day we took photos on the beach and ended the night with traditional paella cooked at the villa while we geared up for the following day.

My mom and I started the wedding day at a local coffee shop, we walked the streets as all the little stores were opening and made our way to the florista to see the absolutely gorgeous flower crown. After that, we strolled down the street to the salon to officially start the fun with everyone. I’ll leave you here with the photos, as you can see the day progress through them much better than I can write. Next week I’ll post the remaining photos of our day. It was so impossible to narrow them down!!


A Few Things…

A-Few-Things1. Printable Stationary from Cocorrina. And well, this free font as well (I’m using it in my graphic above, I LOVE it. ) Such a talented gal sharing her gift.

2. These Energy Bites. SO DELICIOUS! What a tasty, healthy(ish?) way to satisfy my sweet tooth that always seems to be lurking :)

3. This Interior. Can I live here? Can I at least get a play by play of every single piece of furniture?

4. Nickel and Suede. I’ve mentioned this awesome jewelry line before, but how could I not add it? I’m too obsessed. I just got the new London Tan Earrings and I love them!

5. And of course, a few goodies I’ve had my eye on… These shoes (that I might own already..), This watch (it’s so little! I love the idea of layering it with other watches), and This Vest (yep, I bow down to J.Crew Factory once again for bringing back something so amazing…yes its in my closet).

Happy hump day!




Work Casual


J.Crew Work Casual

J.Crew Work Casual

J.Crew Work Casual

J.Crew Work Casual

Sweatshirt, J.Crew Factory  ·  Jeans, Old, J.Crew  ·  Sandals, Old, Target (similar)  ·  Necklace, Purple Perido  ·  Watch, Michael Kors  ·  Handbag, Michael Kors  ·  Sunglasses, Michael Kors

Short and sweet today! My typical casual work attire, love this short-sleeve sweatshirt top for summer.

All for now,