A Few Things…

A-Few-Things1. Printable Stationary from Cocorrina. And well, this free font as well (I’m using it in my graphic above, I LOVE it. ) Such a talented gal sharing her gift.

2. These Energy Bites. SO DELICIOUS! What a tasty, healthy(ish?) way to satisfy my sweet tooth that always seems to be lurking :)

3. This Interior. Can I live here? Can I at least get a play by play of every single piece of furniture?

4. Nickel and Suede. I’ve mentioned this awesome jewelry line before, but how could I not add it? I’m too obsessed. I just got the new London Tan Earrings and I love them!

5. And of course, a few goodies I’ve had my eye on… These shoes (that I might own already..), This watch (it’s so little! I love the idea of layering it with other watches), and This Vest (yep, I bow down to J.Crew Factory once again for bringing back something so amazing…yes its in my closet).

Happy hump day!




Cake For Breakfast






Camel Vest, J.Crew  ·  Bejeweled Sweater, Forever 21  ·  Checkered Button-up, J.Crew  ·  Denim, Gap  ·  Chocolate Boots (THAT I LOVE), Ann Taylor Outlet  ·  Tote, Kate Spade (sold out, found on Ebay)

Sorry about the radio silence over here! Busy, busy, busy. I need to do a life catch-up post here soon but in the mean time keep up by following my Instagram. Couldn’t be more thankful for my bestie coming to town this weekend, exactly what I needed!


Happy fall ya’ll :)

All for now,