Jumpsuits + Rompers Lowdown

Best 2014 Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits Best 2014 Spring Rompers and Jumpsuits

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It’s that time of year again, where you can grab one hanger out of your closet and be ready to walk out the door. That’s how I view rompers and jumpsuits – zero effort involved. I present you with my favorite 8 rompers/jumpsuits of the season. Did I miss any of your favorites? I’m always on the hunt. I LOVE them.

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! I sure did, if you follow my Instagram you know we made the trip to Ikea! The furniture is assembled and in place (in record time I must say …don’t be fooled, it was all Nick).  Can’t wait to get a hold of some PANYL to really jazz it all up. Stay tuned :)

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