Palm Print

Palm Print & Banana Leaf

Palm Print & Banana Leaf

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Is anyone else loving this trend as much as me? What screams summer more than banana leaves plastered over you? Kidding aside, I’m in to the palm print. Here are my favs :)

Sidenote: Half of these things are sold out now! I apologize for the let down. Searching for these terms: Banana leaf, Palm Print, Tropical Print, etc. will lead you to even more!

Stay tuned for some 4th of  July outfit inspiration!

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Inspirational Friday


Splurge or Steal

1. Military Jacket, Splurge or Steal  2. Oh My Chic Long sleeve   3. Black Flats, Splurge or Steal  4. Black Riding Boots  5. Dark Skinny’s, Splurge or Steal  6. Pink Sweater, Splurge or Steal  7. Crystal Cluster Necklace, Splurge or Steal  8. Spiked Bracelet  9. Pink Bracelet  10. Chain Link Bracelet  11. Michael Kors Runaway Watch  12. Holy Chic Tee, Splurge or Steal

Happy Happy Friday!!