The Bottoms





Sweater, J.Crew  ·  Checkered Button-up, J.Crew  ·  Denim, Gap  ·  Booties, Urban Outfitters  ·  Shoulder Bag, Michael Kors  ·  Necklace, J.Crew

Looking for some amazing vintage/refurbished finds? Well there is a capital for this kind of shopping and its called the West Bottoms in Kansas City. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly fit another piece of furniture, art, or knick knack into your home you walk out of the west bottoms with more than you can fit in your SUV (see previous post/example here). I pretty much plan to furnish my next apartment solely on west bottom finds (you get the jist). Anyways we snapped some fun pics in this part of town last time I made the trip there. Its worth checking out!

P.S…Happy Holidays!!

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