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The Wall! A post I’ve been working on for quite some time.  Our living room had been in shambles after shambles, and wasn’t high on our priority list until we found some inspiration. To be fair, the wall was Nick’s idea. Days after figuring out what we wanted to do, we were drawing all over our walls. If you keep up with my Instagram, you saw some of our process :).

Painting straight lines on textured walls 7

Painting straight lines on textured walls 4

I recorded our entire process below if you have 3 minutes to spare. The whole thing went pretty smooth. As smooth as doing something for the first time with no experience can be. There is one part that is confusing though, something the video doesn’t capture. This is mostly because we tried multiple methods across multiple days and the recordings were getting…long. Here is the process that worked for us and yielded the best result. Clean lines baby!

The process…

1. Draw your pattern! Nick and I did this on a whim after dinner and a few couple glasses of wine. We woke up Saturday and our artwork wasn’t too shabby.

2. Pick your color! We went with orange, it was a great pop of color. Once you have your color, paint over your pencil lines. This can be far from perfect. Make sure you paint thick lines to help with the next step.


3. OK. So this is the part that got us. If you have textured walls like us, it isn’t going to be as easy as taping over your paint. Textured walls prove to make this A LOT harder. If you don’t do this the right way you’ll end up with some pretty sad, un-crisp lines. Obviously something we didn’t look into beforehand. Remember, the thickness of the tape you get is the thickness of your lines. First, the tape you buy is important. Scotch Blue Painters Tape with Edgelock is what saved us (no, I didn’t get paid to say that, that’d be cool though). We bought the cheap stuff the first time around and before we could even move on to the next line, it fell off. Moving on…Tape over your painted lines. Make sure to press extremely hard so the tape gets into all the crevasses of your textured wall.

4. As you tape over your lines, and after you press super hard on both edges of your tape, use a foam brush to blot over both edges of the tape with the same color you taped over (orange for us). Photo below. This allows for a little of the orange paint to seep into where the base color (eggshell for us) would have. The blotted orange paint dries under the tape and prevents your base color to seep in when you paint over everything. Yay! You’ve done the hardest part.


5. Paint! Paint over all your hard work with your base color. We only had to do one coat.

6. Before the paint dries completely, Peel off your tape! Your masterpiece will stand before you.

The Video:

Side-note: I am no videographer. In fact, first timer. Its not glamorous but it shows what it needs to right?

At about 1:40 you can see us beginning to tape — the start of our struggle. If your curious, we tried it all. We even tried caulking over our tape to get it to stick, a method we found online. This method definitely did not work for us. It did cost us a 9 o’clock trip to Home Depot, 10 dollars, and about 4 hours of our time, though (we got done with 2 lines…).

Painting straight lines on textured walls 3

Painting straight lines on textured walls 1

Painting straight lines on textured walls 2

Painting straight lines on textured walls 6

Floating T.V. Stand and coordinating Interior Shelves, IKEA

I’m still no professional painter, but I’m thrilled with our wall! We learned a lot and if this helps just one person than I’m glad I shared. More living room to show soon, stay tuned!

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